Suicide Prevention Committee
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Veteran who are in a crisis should click here for immediate resources or dial 911. 

The Commission was inspired Envision Partnerships and the Butler County Suicide Prevention Coalition to start a committee specifically tasked with preventing Veteran suicide.


The Butler County Veterans Suicide Prevention Committee includes a diverse and broad range of stakeholders who come together with the common interest in preventing Veteran Suicide, connecting those touched by Veteran Suicide to helpful resources and providing education about suicide to the public and professional community within Butler County.


  1. Create a network of like-minded individuals, who can collaborate together on projects, trainings, and programs, to provide the best possible outcomes to preventing Veteran suicide.
  2. Serve as a central, coordinating resource for suicide prevention.
    1. Distribute materials, provide lifesaving skill training programs (provided by NAMI, Department of Veterans Affairs or other affiliates) for community members, Veterans, family members, and volunteers of local social service providers.
    2. We help educate the community through our websites and social media platforms.
  3. Coordinate activities surrounding the promotion of suicide prevention, including campaigns and events during September of each year, which coincides with Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.
Meeting Dates for 2023:
Date Location
3/21/2023 315 High St, 1st Floor Conference Room
5/16/2023 315 High St, 1st Floor Conference Room
7/27/2023 315 High St, 1st Floor Conference Room
9/28/2023 315 High St, 1st Floor Conference Room
11/30/2023 315 High St, 1st Floor Conference Room
**Please park in the Government Service Center Parking Garage located on Court Street, so we can validate your parking.**

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